Welcome to our Ahr patios with lawn for sunbathing!

Roughly 10 metres above the Ahr and far away from all the bustle you may relax on our lawn and enjoy the day.

Particularly in the summer evenings the visit to our patios is enjoyable! At the latest when you are enjoying a good wine from the Ahr area you will rediscover some of the German romanticism. Numerous parking spaces near our patios and in front of our hotel ensure that you will not be lacking any car parking spaces and that you can access our establishment easily.

Visit Schuld – this convivial village located in a loop of the Ahr – or follow the way of the Ahr.

Enjoy the comfort in our establishment and have a good time here!

Hotel - Café - Restaurant Schäfer
Schulstraße 2
53520 Schuld

Tel.: 0 26 95 / 3 40
Fax.: 0 26 95 / 16 71

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Hotel - Café - Restaurant Schäfer · Schulstraße 2 · 53520 Schuld

Tel. 0 26 95 / 3 40 ·

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