Our establishment provides you with German home-style cooking with specialities of the Eifel area.

Whether you prefer freshly caught trout from the Ahr or an original, hearty wild boar roast of the Eifel: we offer something for every taste. Our speciality is creamed savoy cabbage which is prepared following a traditional family recipe and which is offered to almost every main meal.

Are you planning a family celebration or would you like to stay with a larger group of people?

We happily provide you with our suggestions for menus, make flexible arrangements according to your wishes and ensure that you and your guests are comfortable.

Our establishment offers two comfortable rooms for up to 100 people.

One larger room is suitable for roughly 70 people and in the other, smaller room we can accommodate up to 30 people. The smell of coffee, delicious cakes and tortes which are home-made as well as little snacks invite you to a comfortable coffee party.

Hotel - Café - Restaurant Schäfer
Schulstraße 2
53520 Schuld

Tel.: 0 26 95 / 3 40
Fax.: 0 26 95 / 16 71

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Hotel - Café - Restaurant Schäfer · Schulstraße 2 · 53520 Schuld

Tel. 0 26 95 / 3 40 ·

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